Partner with Covenant – Maximize Your Value

You have created significant value in the development of your surgery center. The question now is: How do I maximize my value?

The only way to recognize that value is to sell interest in your surgery center. With Covenant’s depth of experience, we can determine if now is The Right Time to sell for maximum value.

Partnering with Covenant Surgical Partners is a proven way to access your center’s equity, diversify your assets and lower your risks. As a partner, we don’t tell you how to practice medicine. Instead, we focus our management expertise on improving efficiencies and increasing profitability.

maximize value by partnering with covenant surgical partners
The right time to partner with Covenant Surgical Partners

The Right Time

Timing is critical if you’re seeking to maximize the value of your surgery center. Selling too early, when the center is still growing at a healthy rate and increasing in value, doesn’t make sense. But waiting too long to sell can be even more detrimental. As you near retirement, the value of the center to a potential buyer drops precipitously.

At Covenant Surgical Partners, we use our expertise to determine the right time when a multitude of factors come together to create a “perfect storm” of maximum value. Simply put, we can help you “sell at the top.” It’s part of our unique strategy that can greatly increase the amount you ultimately receive in a sale of your center.

The Right Choice

There is strength in teaming up with Covenant Surgical Partners and joining a network of centers. Together, we can build better economies of scale, eliminate waste and share each other’s best practices to create greater value. We take care of the business side so you can concentrate on what you do best: the practice of medicine. All this increases the value of your center for investors in the future and improves its overall performance.

  • Adding physicians, specifically recruited for their expertise and work ethic, increases the center’s profitability. In many cases, that new revenue even replaces the income from the portion sold.
  • Maximizing contracts through yearly review and continued negotiations reduces expenses.
  • Efficient Management: Sound operating policies and management expertise, and the use of state of the art Information Systems create sound clinical and financial processes that drive efficiencies.
Choosing To Partner With Covenant Surgical Partners
Selling to Covenant Surgical Partners - The Right Decision

The Right Decision

The decision to sell an interest in your surgery center requires proper due diligence. So consider just some of the benefits you will realize in making Covenant Surgical Partners your corporate partner:

  • Achieve Maximum Value: physician will not pay as much as Covenant Surgical Partners for an interest in your surgery center. That’s because we realize that our knowledge and expertise can greatly increase the revenue potential of your center.
  • Diversify Your Assets: Selling an interest in your center allows you to recognize some of your equity, now buried in an illiquid asset, and invest in other financial instruments.
  • Lower Your Tax Bill: When you receive part of your future income stream today by selling an interest in your center, it’s taxed as capital gains, not as ordinary income. The value of receiving part of your future income stream today, taxed at capital gains rates, is of greater value than waiting to receive it over several years.
  • Reduce Risk: No one knows what the future holds. Will reimbursement rates be cut? Will the current economic downturn deteriorate even further? Will case volumes continue to grow? Will new technologies begin to “change” and impact the type and amount of cases you perform? By selling part of your center today, when its financial performance is strong, you reduce the risk inherent in any business enterprise.